Limited Time Offer for The Energy Factor

Jun 12th 2020

Limited Time Offer for The Energy Factor

Have you ever struggled with your energy? We've all been there right!

  • Brain Fog and Focus: Hours of productivity down the drain. It took 2-3 times longer to do tasks than it should have. Staying focused was difficult.
  • Afternoon Crash and Fatigue: Being tired all the time is exhausting! But tired was my default for a number of years. You know it's bad when you wake up in the morning and you're still tired.
  • Little Energy When I Got Home: I simply didn't have enough to go around. This was really frustrating with my season of life. I wanted to have more energy for my wife and kids, but some days, I just didn't.
  • Stubborn Body Fat: I was on the roller coaster of weight-gain and weight loss. I'd look in the mirror and question who was looking back at me!
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep: Even when I was tired, more often than not, I would just lay there in bed and couldn't fall asleep. My mind just wouldn't shut off!
  • Anxiety and Worry: My mind never shut off and often the thoughts were crippling. I didn't want to think that way, but didn't realize what was really causing it.

*** If you can connect with any of this, please know, you're not alone! ***

When I Learned the Secrets of Fixing My Energy, I Started Seeing Real Change.

For a limited time, you can join the Energy Factor, where we teach you how to grow your energy! The Energy Factor Experience is taken from 3+ years of research, studying, self experimentation, bio-hacking, and implementation—where I learned how to increase my energy. And this was when I started seeing the change and results I longed to see.


Here's all you get!

  • Video Masterclass : 12 Jam-Packed Video Lessons. From 10-20 minutes in length, these cut to the chase for the content you need. (Value: $995)
  • Life-time access to Energy Factor content vault (Value: $1000s)
  • Personal Energy Audit (Value: $500)
  • 1 Month Supply of Peak Energy Nutrition Energy Stack Supplements (Value $149.97)
  • Bonus: Energy Planning Worksheets - Daily help to apply what you’re learning. (Value: $195)
  • Bonus eBook: Bio-Hacks, Supplements, and Gear Master List. An easy place to start your journey of more energy! (Value: $245)
  • Bonus eBook: The Energy Factor Guide to Intermittent Fasting. (Value: $45)
  • Bonus eBook: How to set goals so you actually achieve them! (Value: $45)
  • Bonus discount at Peak Energy Nutrition (Value: Up to $500 off!)
  • Bonus Precision Nutrition Coaching opportunity for those that want to go much deeper, there is personalized fitness and nutrition coaching/planning available through my partnership and certification with Precision Nutrition (used by the San Antonio Spurs and Carolina Panthers to name a few). (50% off customized Nutrition and Fitness plan—Value: $1200)
  • Total Value : Over $5,220!

Radically Grow Your Energy in 30 Days!

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